A Compounding Pharmacy in Hamilton vs. a Retail Pharmacy

You may visit a retail pharmacy to get your medicines in Hamilton. Many patients go to retail pharmacies to get their medicines after showing their prescriptions. Nevertheless, patients at times also don’t find a retail pharmacy the right option to get their medicines. Thus, they look for alternatives and get their medicines from a compounding pharmacy in Hamilton

Compounding pharmacies aren’t new, yet many people don’t know about these pharmacies. Besides, retail pharmacies seem the obvious option to patients to get their medicines from. However, compounding pharmacies are the best option for patients to get their medicines for treatments in specific situations.  

What Is a Compounding Pharmacy? 

There are similarities in the creation of medications in compounding pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Still, compounding pharmacies follow different processes to devise medications, unlike pharmaceutical manufacturing. Compound pharmacists make custom medications from base ingredients for patients. In other words, compound pharmacists make compound medications from base drugs while combining and preparing drugs. It aids them in creating medications for patients that target the exact need of individual patients.

Compound pharmacists work with base ingredients to adjust the drug dosages for patients. They can adjust drug dosages in small ratios if the commercially available drugs don’t suit the needs of patients. On the other hand, pharmaceutical manufacturing creates drugs in pre-set formulae and dosages on a large scale. In other words, mass-produced drugs are produced in millions of doses and formulae per year. It also leaves a little room for patients to get customized drugs when they need them.

How Safe Are Compounding Pharmacies in Hamilton?  

Compounding was the only method to create medications when the FDA didn’t even exist. Additionally, pharmacies were called apothecaries at that time. Pharmacists assess patients and take recommendations from the doctor before returning to a pharmacy to hand-create a precise formula for the patient. Compounded drugs aren’t also FDA-approved, and it makes people think compounding pharmacies are unreliable and unsafe. 

However, compounded medications are safe provided that you get them from an authentic and reliable compounding pharmacy. Moreover, authentic and licensed compounding pharmacies, such as Aurora Compounding, follow NAPRA guidelines to create compound medications in Hamilton. They also follow the best compounding practices to come up with compound medications for patients. Medications that compounding pharmacies create are identical to mass-produced medicines. Nevertheless, compounding pharmacies merge ingredients in-house to make compound medications to meet the individual needs of patients. 

Major Differences between a Retail Pharmacy and a Compounding Pharmacy in Hamilton 

The three main differences between a compounding pharmacy in Hamilton and a retail pharmacy are as follows:

Customized Doses:

Compound medications target the needs of patients in various ways when mass-produced medicines can’t help them. Compounding pharmacies can make compound medications in the right dosage when commercially-available medicines aren’t available. A retail pharmacy can’t create the perfect dose for the patient; however, a compounding pharmacy can make it in Hamilton. Compounding pharmacies can create the right dosage for medicines for patients based on their height, weight, gender, and age. Furthermore, getting medicines in the right dosage minimizes the risks of side effects.

Different Forms of the Same Medicines:

When you use a compounding pharmacy, patients can choose the form of medication they prefer. For example, you may not prefer swallowing a capsule for your treatment as an elderly but prefer it in a liquid form. Compounding pharmacies can make the same medications in a variety of forms. They can create the same medicines in the following forms: Liquid, powder, capsule, cream, and ointment. You can also avoid the side effects when you choose to take a specific medicine in a different form. For instance, you may prefer an oral medication in the form of a topical cream to avoid the side effects. Fortunately, a compounding pharmacy can create it in the desired form for patients. 

Specialty Medications:

Patients may also need a custom prescription filled for their eyes, skin, child, or pet. Compounding pharmacies can help patients get it, too, while finding ways to customize medications. For example, they may suggest giving medicines to children and pets hidden in their food or drink

You can’t get types of medications from retail pharmacies in Hamilton that you can get from compounding pharmacies. Moreover, compounding pharmacies create specialty formulae for dermatology, hormone therapy, pain management, and more.


You may visit a retail pharmacy to get your medicines. However, you may need to rely on a compounding pharmacy sometimes to get your medicines. Besides, the main differences between the medications that pharmaceutical manufacturing and compounding pharmacies create is in the process. Additionally, compound medications aren’t FDA-approved, yet you can get safe compound medications from licensed and authentic compounding pharmacies. A compounding pharmacy in Hamilton is different from a retail pharmacy in the following ways:

  1. A compounding pharmacy can create medications for patients in the right dosage.
  2. It can also produce the same medications for patients in different forms.
  3. Lastly, it can make specialty medications for patients as per the needs of patients.