Which One Is Better Crew Neck vs V Neck

Summer Style Considerations!

Are you fond of experimenting with different summer styles? Then I must say, you can do amazing stuff with various accessories and outfits! But do you know that Crew Neck and V Neck are perfect for certain occasions! We all have our preferences, and it’s a good thing! But considering fashion timelines and summer styling, it will be a good idea to style each this summer in a way never done before! Crews and V-neck t-shirts are a classic staple for both men and women. Today we are going to discover the insights into the main differences between the two, their pros and cons, and which one is better than the other? To enjoy this ride, take your cappuccino and relax in your armchair because we have a lot to tell you. Happy Reading!

Crew Neck vs V Neck | How Are They Different?

What Is A Crew Neck?

Let’s talk about the classic crew neck tees first! A t-shirt with a rounded, collarless neck is known as a crew neck shirt. Wearing crew neck style t-shirts is not new in the market. This style is one of the oldest, and over time, it has become one of the trendiest, coolest, and most casual everyday wear!

What Is A V-Neck?

Here comes the V-shaped neckline t-shirt, also known as a collarless t-shirt. They are the popular summer staple, featuring comfort and durability in V-style! 

All t-shirts and sweatshirts come in different necklines! But here particularly, we are talking about those t-shirts that come in Crew Neck or V-Neck styles! There is an insignificant difference between the two. The Crew Neck-shaped sweatshirts or t-shirts fit closer to the neck than V-Neck. To illustrate this difference in a clear tone, take a look at the comparison chart below:

Main DifferencesCrew NeckV-Neck
OriginIt originated back in the era of labourers in the 1900s.The origin is traced back to the 1960s. It is then considered a modern and next-level version of the crew neck.
StyleThe neckline seems round and collarless.The neckline seems fine, v-shaped (as per the name), and collarless.
FitOffers a relaxed fit, close to the neck.Offers either a relaxed or tight fit as you want.
Best To Wear In?Tees for spring/summer  Sweaters for fall/winterTees for spring/summer Sweaters for fall/winter
How To Wear?Wear alone, or use an undershirt with tees. A crew neck sweater is better to wear over a t-shirt.Wear alone, or use an undershirt with tees. A crew neck sweater is better to wear over a t-shirt. A tie compliments the look!
Found In?Found in both t-shirts and sweaters.Found in both t-shirts and sweaters.

Crew Neck vs V-Neck | Pros And Cons

Let’s look at the pros first!


The V-neck t-shirts give classy vibes and a perfect look when layered with different apparel or an undershirt. On the other hand, Crew Necks works excellent for people having sloping shoulders. Another great advantage with V-necks is that it shows off more than a little bit of your chest and highlight your body fit and shape at its best. In contrast, Crew Neck t-shirts are a great wear for people with longer necks and slim faces. Gildan G180 is a heavy blend Crewneck Sweatshirt that offers its wearer a classic fit tubular body.


One major side effect of V-neck shirts is that a V-shape gives an elongated impact on your neck. It also turns your face look slimmer! In the same way, with V-necks, men need to ensure that their chest hair is properly trimmed because, with the V-cut, the body hairs are visible to some extent, giving a geeky look. On the other hand, Crew Neck doesn’t have as many cons; however, they do not look good with a tie. And are considered inappropriate for formal settings.

Overview: Crew Neck vs V-Neck | Which Is Better?

Let’s have an overview! These key points will let you choose what you should wear this summer!

  • A Crew Neck is a timeless fashion looks trendy in summers! And they also give a classic vibe and look great in all places!
  • A V-Neck is go-to apparel for summers! And due to some facts, they are more acceptable in looks. They go perfect in different formal and non-formal settings.
  • High-end sweatshirts like Gildan G180 fit true to your size. Gildan G180 is a perfect summer casual sweatshirt for long day-outs!
  • A V-Neck can look stylish when paired with a tie! It looks good when wearing an undershirt.


In conclusion, I would like to end this with the saying that “go with what is best for you”. Because both Crew Neck and V-Neck are lightweight and perfect for summers. Where the majority believes that V-neck looks better, don’t bother with the opinion. Wear what you are confident and comfortable in. It’s always you who keeps fashion in trend.