Seven Hashtag Research Instruments to add to your Hashtag Strategy.

Seven Hashtag Research Instruments to add to your Hashtag Strategy.

A hashtag strategy is crucial to optimizing your comprar seguidores twitter social media profile. Since hashtags can help you discover content resonating with your fans most, it’s recommended to use tools that research hashtags to identify the most effective keywords. Firstly, This will allow you to increase awareness of your brand in the field that you’d like to influence. Suppose you can capture the attention of your target audience using strategically chosen hashtags or sets. Secondly, In that case, communities could be created around your social media accounts, whether an individual or a company-wide marketer.

The benefits of using Hashtag Research Tools

However, Utilizing tools for research on hashtags helps make hashtag research more precise and more efficient. Here are a few reasons:

Seven New Hashtag Research Instruments to Test

Moreover, Many hashtag research tools on the market that others call hashtag generators and aggregators. The Influencer Marketing Hub has run several pieces on the subject; however, this article offers new tools that you can use:

1. TagsFinder

Firstly, With TagsFinder’s customizable setting for search, users can concentrate on specific demographics by choosing the country they prefer and gender. It will take as many as ten words within the field of inquiry.Secondly, You can also select the keywords you’d like the program to eliminate from your search results. When TagsFinder creates the results, you can choose the hashtag you want to use by clicking the X for words that aren’t needed before hitting on the “Copy to clipboard” button. It will also monitor banned hashtags to ensure they are not in its database.


However, Option to create the same (containing the exact keywords), equivalent meanings, or both.

Keyword search for bulk hashtags

Blocker for banned hashtags and blocked list

The best for:

Instagrammers and Twitter users are interested in travel or a specific location.

Small and medium-sized businesses that use other marketing tools for online use


Moreover, This is a free platform.


The statistics tab provides the latest list of top hashtags for each country and the principal cities of each nation.

Have settings that allow you to skip results that contain sexual or porn connotations


No hashtag volume indicator

No Analytics

2. Keyword Tool

It is possible to use Keyword Tool to locate hashtags you can utilize on Instagram and YouTube. Keyword Tool utilizes Instagram’s search suggestion feature and YouTube’s autocompleted function to gather keywords and phrases related to the keyword you are searching for. In addition to showing related hashtags, Keyword Tool has a People tab that displays the Instagram handles with your keyword. On YouTube result pages, users will see associated hashtags and phrases and questions with prepositions.

To help you narrow your searches, the application includes a “negative keyword” filter where you can type in keywords that aren’t compatible with your primary keyword.



Negative keyword filter


The best for:


YouTube Vloggers


The free Keyword Tool lets users enter up to five negative keywords and provides you with the volume of usage for the top five results generated. You can sign up for the premium version, which means that your search results are ten times more effective than the standard search. In addition, you will be able to look at the volume of use for every hashtag related to it. Plans with Pro also allow you to enter at least six negative keywords to refine your search further.

Pro Basic ($69/month) Pro Basic ($69/month) is one account that can produce as many as 7,000 keyword results for searches per day. In addition, the Pro Plus ($79/month) is suitable for up to five people and permits up to 35,000 searches per day. In addition, Pro Business ($159/month) allows up to 10 users to use the account. It will accept more than 50 API requests each day and produce up to 70,000 results from searches every day. Both Pro Plus and Pro Business display the cost-per-click and ad competition information when you search for keywords most searched on Google.


Bulk search results

30-day money-back guarantee


Fewer or zero results for multi-word searches

3. MetaHashtags

You can get multiple metrics about an Instagram hashtag all in one search using MetaHashtags. Apart from showing keywords similar to those, the search result will also display different analytics. MetaHashtags will take you directly to IG accounts where these terms are displayed when you click on”Show Images” in the “Show Images” box. The thumbnails of these IG accounts will be displayed beneath the search result. Additionally, every search you type results in a tab that contains the results. The bill is open or active when you order a brand new search term in the search box.

Paid plans allow you to set the parameters for your search based on size, frequency, likes, and others. They also let you keep track of your rank and lookup hashtags employed by IG accounts related to yours.


Analytics (total amount of times that the keyword was used, the number of posts it received within an hour, the mean and least number of likes, and the number of comments it got)

Rank tracker

Tracking hashtags banned by the government

The best for:


Marketing teams for social media

Small – to medium-sized enterprises


MetaHashtags can be used as a hashtag generator for free, and higher-priced plans offer additional options like rank monitoring. If you choose the cheapest price plan (EUR9 and $10), you can download your lists of hashtags and associated data to a CSV or Excel file. The middle-tier programs (EUR19 and $22) let you view your account’s ranking in addition to “spy” on the hashtags employed by your competition. You can set up as many as three versions with the highest-tier plans (EUR29, which is $33) and monitor the rankings of each.


Rich metrics

Filters that can be adjusted

Analysis of hashtags on your profile


No location filter

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Results take longer to be displayed when searching with more than one word

4. Bigbangram

You can enter at least five keywords in the search bar of Bigbangram or upload an image or link to receive up to 30 related and similar results generated by the hashtag generator. It lists the number of mentions of every word on Instagram. It also offers “auto-follow,” “auto like,” “auto comment,” and direct messaging features.


The difficulty level indicator includes the number of results for each group: medium, complex, medium, easy and hard.

Hashtag generator mobile app

Follow auto, unfollow, and auto like

Direct message auto-dialer and auto message

Downloaders for photos from social media videos, photos, and profiles


The best for:

Social marketing teams



Although Bigbangram’s hashtag generator is accessible to the public for free, the site doesn’t have pricing pages. The website’s Knowledge Base says that the four “standard packages” are worth $15, $45, $45, $85, and $270. It doesn’t include the services included in the plans. The only thing it says is that the paid subscriptions are based on “activity time.” The dashboard allows users to mark the services they want to use and how long. Bigbangram will then inform users of how much they will need to pay.


Direct templates for messages

Sales scripts

Multiple accounts


Automated follow, DM, and scheduler are only available only on Instagram

5. Tools

Tools allow you to input as many as five words into its search engine. It offers three methods to create hashtags to use in your posts on social media: keywords, URLs, or photos. The generator shows similar hashtags or ones related to each other that are classified as standard, uncommon, average, or rare in addition to their frequency of use. The software utilizes Instagram’s continually up-to-date hashtag base.


The list is regularly updated and includes the top hashtags with 1,000 followers

Analytics (levels of difficulty ) or the difficulty/ease with which hashtags be to make visible through social media platforms, posts that have been recently posted, top-trending posts)

Instagram profile analyzer

Downloader for Instagram

Image editor

Ideal for:

Influencers and bloggers


Toolszu’s Instagram Hashtag Generator for free for three days. In addition, you’ll need to contact customer support to inquire about the paid plans available.


Multi-language search

Shadow-banned and banned hashtags are automatically removed


The free version displays only the results of a limited scope

A paid subscription is required to access advanced features

6. Tuck tools

Hashtag Generator Page

Main Page

The free hashtag generator available for Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn features two fields: a search field entering your search term and a country field for the country you want to target. After entering your search phrase and preferred location, the platform will display the top hashtags associated with the keyword you typed in.



Multi-word search

Straightforward interface

Counters for followers, downloaders, and trend-identifying tools for a variety of social media platforms

The best for:

Emerging influencers that are based in a specific market

Multi-channel marketers


is a no-cost platform.


A variety of trend-monitoring and engagement tracking tools

Website management and developer instruments (XML into JSON Converter, JSON Formatter CSS as well as JS Minifiers as well as Color Palette hex)


Lacks search volume indicator

7. Task Ant

Find the most popular hashtags in real-time using Task Ant, which provides thousands of results under the popularity of hashtags by using the official Instagram API information. Each search will show all the keywords associated with your keyword, the number of times they have been mentioned, and their level of popularity. This is based on the number of mentions with the most popular keywords.


Unlimited results with the paid version



Ideal for:

Digital marketers

Small – to medium-sized business owners


The Task Ant Solo Plan gives 100 search results. It also allows you to create as many as thirty hashtag sets. The $49/month Growth Plan will enable you to develop complete result results for each search. There’s no limit on how many hashtags you’re allowed to make.


Advanced filters let you specify your returned hashtag count and the average number of likes and media count.

Tracking competitor performance and performance