Top 6 must have website features for 2022

People spend most of their time online, and they’re constantly on their phone or computer screen. So your website needs to be a digital storefront, where customers can buy things with as few clicks as possible.

Your website needs to tell a user what action to take with your information and answer the user’s query to solve their problems. So if you are going to get a website and as well do it right, invest in key elements. Go for custom wordpress development services and make it functional and effective. 

We have compiled here the essential features that will assure you of a user-friendly experience. It will definitely help to elevate your brand and convert visitors into customers. 

6 essential characteristics of a user-friendly website.

Intuitive design and user experience

Users wish to work out what information you represent on your site, similar to navigation. They want to access and engage with websites spontaneously. A flat design appeared as the main design choice of designers in the last decade now; they have evolved to make sure that they are not sacrificing usability for aesthetic design. 

Now they are into using a more semi-flat design approach and making sure the buttons are clickable and hint enough about what they are. Get wordpress design and development services, as they know the present trend, and use subtle shadows while still maintaining a sleek design look. Because users want to know everything about what you offer as soon as possible, the user experience must be smooth.

Smart Contact Details Integration

Your design isn’t completed until someone uses it. So you need to ensure that you offer hassle-free and a seamless experience to your users to contact you. The first thing you need to check is the call to action button working properly. 

For example, if your site has a “Call Us” button, it should be connected to the user’s phone. It saves them time to type your number manually, and they can call you easily. The same goes with email addresses and your location. These things look small but contribute highly to enquirers when implemented.  

Simple, Easy to Remember URL

You are a novice in business and without a website. So are you excited to get it run smoothly as soon as possible? First, you need to take an estimated approach and do thorough research when it comes to deciding on a URL. View your business goals and pick out what makes them memorable. 

Simple is effective. Your URL should be easy for users to type and remember. Stick with .com or .org web addresses as they are more credible to users by search engines.

Blog Integration

Content is a kingdom, and you should know how to rule it. Blogs are great for businesses who wish to bring traffic to their site. It is an effective strategy to offer unique content to your readers and provide regular updates. 

It grabs the user’s attention and also benefits your business from the SEO ranking aspects. To maximize benefit, list blogs under your domain like www.yourcompany/blog. Custom wordpress development services help you meet your desired goals by developing a site that pleases your user. 

About Us Section

The “About Us” section is a great way to connect with people. They are really into knowing who they do business with, so sharing “who you are and what you do and why you do” can make a difference when trying to attract an audience to your business. 

Tell about your success, mission, and your future goals. Mention information about your founders, business leaders, and your team. Don’t forget to add visuals!  


In the end, what matters and affects is how you get those visitors converted into actual purchases/ customers. So a CTA (Call-to-action) can do that! It should convince users to take some kind of action that involves later contact. 

Be specific about the action you want them to take when they land on your site. So carefully design calls to action. Also, don’t overuse it by giving them on each page, as you don’t want to offer too many options that confuse your visitors. 


Stay updated! Web design is an evolving trend.

These design features have been in trend for years. Here we have covered the most popular and proven website features that users will crave in 2022. These elements continue to evolve alongside design tools and technologies to remain pillars of solid web design. Hire a UX designer for custom website development services to deliver a web experience that amazes your users and fits their needs.